Sunday School

Sunday School Information

Sunday School Class is from 9:00 am- 10:00 am on Sundays September through May. We are open to all who wish to attend and worship with us!

Every Sunday Morning from 9am-10am





Our preschool class is generally for children 2 years old up to the year before they enter kindergarten. If you have questions about your child’s eligibility, please contact the CE coordinator at [email protected]

Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Our exciting course for our energetic young friends includes activities like puppeteering, performing, playing music, arts and crafts, and learning through play. We have a 6 year plan that covers all the bibles stories and heroes by the time they are ready for middle school!

YOUTH (6th – 12th grade)

Navigating this confusing and exciting phase of life calls for a change of pace. We focus on teamwork and discussion. Through immersive media and creative expression we explore the geography, theology, economy, and ecology of the biblical world.


A confirmation preparation experience is offered for 7th graders and older. Those interested should contact the church office.

Adult classes

Short and long term classes are offered throughout the year. Topics include Bible study, parenting, the impact of current events on Christian living, etc. One Adult Class is held every Sunday morning at 9 am in the large classroom in the west hallway. Contact the church office at 636-239-3178 for further details of current classes being held.