Presby Scrip Program

Presby Scrip Program

What is the Presby Scrip Program?

The Presby Scrip Program is a simple, no third party selling program that enables members & friends to raise money for The Presbyterian Church of Washington.  This program is available to non-profit organizations through Great Lakes Scrip Center, their website is:  It is another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards or certificates in place of cash, checks, and credit cards. Customers BUY all gift cards at their face value and USE them at their face value and our church receives a percentage of that amount IMMEDIATELY. The amount our church gets varies per merchant and is called our rebate. Most rebates for our church are between 4-15% with some as high as 25%! The Presby Scrip Program earnings are much greater than the earnings you personally receive with your credit card rewards.

We are pleased to include many local merchants who are participating in our Presby Scrip Program. You can find a list on the church order form. To download and/or print a copy of the church order form, click Here. 

There is also an expanded list of about 700 National Vendors available to order from. All of which can be ordered through the Presby Scrip Program. To view a list of national vendors, visit and click the “Retailer List” link.

At this time the program is placing orders on the first Sunday of each month (the second Sunday if the first Sunday falls on a holiday). At times we may place a special order when the program offers special deals, watch your email for these offers or an announcement on Sunday morning.

It’s as easy as this:

• You fill out an order form to order gift cards or certificates.
• Leave the order form in the church office prior to the first Sunday of the month or give to the Presby Scrip Program Coordinator on the first Sunday of the month following worship (12noon order deadline) along with a check for the face value of the cards or certificates you’re ordering.
• The gift cards or certificates will be available for you to pick up the following Sunday or they will be delivered to you. Any electronic gift cards or reloaded gift cards will be available to use IMMEDIATELY once the group order has been placed. 

You also have the opportunity to shop online at or with the RaiseRight app. If you shop online, you will need to register one time by obtaining the “Family Enrollment Code” from one of the coordinators. You will then be given four choices to pay: via a check given directly to our church coordinator (recommended and this option has NO fee); debit from your bank account $.29 fee; directly onto your debit card with a 1% fee or onto your credit card with a 2.6% fee. 

Once you submit your order, it will be held until the church coordinators release the entire group order.  If you order any electronic gift cards or any reloaded gift cards, your order will be ready to use IMMEDIATELY after the group order is placed and released. Any physical gift cards or certificates that need to be shipped, will be available the following Sunday as long as we receive the order and payment by 12 noon on the prior Sunday. All orders must be paid in full prior to the group order submission. All sales are final, no returns, no refunds.

Our Presby Scrip Program is proud to donate 10% of our total profits each year to a designated mission. Please spread the word to family and friends and other Presbyterians & let them know how easy it is to use this program.

The coordinators for your Presby Scrip Program are:  Kathy Froning, Gretchen Farrell & Becky Vogt.  Please direct any questions about the program to them.