The Presbyterian Church of Washington

A Light in Washington

Hello! I'm glad you found us!

Hello! We’re glad you found us and we promise to keep this brief.

At PCW, we strive to be much more than just a social club.

PCW is a vibrant intergenerational community. We are committed to loving God, ourselves, and each other well. We believe that we can accomplish more together than we can alone. In our worship, we draw on tradition even as we embrace change; and we work for the positive transformation of our community.

Here, you will find open minds, open hearts, and open doors.

Come and See

PCW is the most welcoming and friendliest church we have ever attended!

Barbara M.

The Christian church has ancient roots of course, yet our church feels fresh, welcoming, and full of purpose....and I love that! 

Aneeta B.

"I love that the worship is traditional, yet very informal" 

Pat G.