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“what is PCW@HOme?”

Dear Friends,

The words “Social Distancing” have now entered our lexicon.  Staying 6 feet apart for the last few weeks, and for the foreseeable future, is becoming second nature to many of us.  However, the term “social distancing” does not seem accurate.  I have seen others referring to this distancing as “physical distancing” instead.  I like that a lot more.

Even though we can’t be social together physically, doesn’t mean we can’t be social through other means.  Telephones still work, the mail is still being delivered and the internet is still functioning.  And, as we strive to the Church (capital C) during this time that we must practice “physical distancing,” we must also use other means to ensure our answer to Christ’s call to ministry continues.  And out of this need to practice “physical distancing,” the idea of PCW@Home was born!  Many, if not most, of you have participated in PCW@Home over the last couple of weeks.

If you have not yet participated in PCW@Home, please consider joining us during this time that we cannot gather for worship in person.  PCW@Home is what we are calling our endeavors to remain “The Church” during this time of uncertainty and “Shelter at Home.” Every Sunday at 10:15am, there will be a broadcast of our worship service. You can participate from the comfort of your own house!  You can find the broadcast feed on our web-site:   If you use Facebook, our church’s Facebook page will also be broadcasting the service at the same time.

But, PCW@Home is even more than worship!  We also have virtual classrooms for adults, youth and children every Sunday morning at 9am.  Andy and Jocelyn will make sure all participants have the links and information needed to join.  Confirmation classes will also continue online with me teaching.

All committee meetings and Session will continue in April using Zoom and/or phone and e-mail.  Your committee chair person will contact you.

There are also three virtual fellowship groups that will meet in April.  And, more might be added!

  • Coffee Chat w/ Pastor Pat: every Wednesday at 9am
  • Prayer Gathering: every Thursday at 9am
  • “Reel Faith” Movie Club: 6pm, Tuesday April 28th

If you need instructions on how to join any of these groups, please contact me.

We will also have plans on how we can engage in mission at this time as well.

We may not look like the church as you know it right now.  But, we are still very much THE Church, part of the Body of Christ.  And, nothing will slow that down or threaten that reality.

Blessings on your health and safety,

Pastor Pat