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The Gospel According to Dr Seuss

Summer Sermon Series – “The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss”

As we take a summer break from the Narrative Lectionary following Pentecost Sunday on June 9, I will be leading a fun five week sermon series on everyone’s favorite children’s author, Dr. Seuss!  The series will be adapted from a suggested sermon series by Rev. Heather Ruth Johnson.

June 16 – “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”

Text – John 17:20-25 (Jesus prays for all)

Theme – Creatures come in all shapes and sizes and forms. Some have two feet, four feet, and eight feet. These creatures crawl, walk and swim. However they come, Jesus loves them all and their flaws.

June 23 – “Green Eggs and Ham”

Text – Isaiah 43:18-21 (doing a new thing); Matthew 9:14-17 (New wine skins)

Theme – How quick we are to turn up our noses to something new! We grumble and complain. Over what? Green eggs and ham? Jesus wants us to try and taste new things – things that might take us out of our comfort zones. Because what’s at stake is more important than your taste buds. It’s about doing a new thing for the sake of the neighbor.

June 30 – “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket ”

Text – Luke 5:17-39 (Friends and a Roof Top)

Theme – Everyone needs a good friend or three. Dr. Seuss teaches us that we can find friends in the most unlikely places, and with Jesus, friends care for one another. His story teaches us that friends will do the most unlikely thing to help a fellow friend.

July 7 – “Hop on Pop”

Text – Matthew 17:24–27 (A Coin in the Mouth of a Fish)

Theme – “A fish in the tree? How can that be?” Dr. Seuss loved to create impossible situations. But that’s Jesus’ lived out specialty, and he pays the price for God’s people this time with a coin found in the mouth of a fish.

July 14 – “Fox in Socks”

Text – John 2:1-11 (water into wine)

Theme – Mr. Knox and Fox play tricks and games with rhyming words and alliteration. Nothing they do makes sense. Jesus performs miracles that don’t make much sense either, and he doesn’t even use magic or games! He just speaks miracles into reality.