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Good News for ALL People

Dear Friends,

As the Advent and Christmas season begin, I am having difficulty feeling hopeful, peaceful or joyful.  Perhaps you feel the same way that I do. 

I used to enjoy watching the news.  I used to look forward to listening to the latest headlines on the radio as I commuted to church.  I used to frequently read news articles on my phone through the various apps I have installed.  And, I used to do it energetically.

However, this year I find myself hesitating to turn on the news.  I listen to music in my car instead of talk radio.  I ignore news notifications on my phone instead of reading the full articles.  Our current political divisiveness, the violence here locally and around the world, the ugliness and hatred of people being lauded instead of beauty, truth and love…they all contribute to my malaise.  The “bad news” has become too much for me.  And, I am honestly feel some fear for the future of our community, country and world.

But, I choose to place my hope in “Good News.”  Even if I can’t find it on news broadcasts.  Even if I don’t hear it on talk radio, or read about it in print.  The Christmas story provides a light that shines into all of our darkness.  The Christmas Story is Good News.

When the Angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds, they were afraid.  They were enveloped in darkness of night, and the Glory of the Lord at first frightened them.  But, the Angel reassured them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people.”

For…ALL…the people.  The Good News of Jesus Christ being born into the world, the Good News of light overcoming darkness, the Good News of hope and peace and joy and love are not just Good News to us as believers.  It is Good News for ALL people.  It is Good News for citizen and immigrant alike.  It is Good News here in Washington as well as around the world.  It is Good News for all political affiliations.  It is Good News for all races, creeds, denominations, classes, lifestyles, ages and any other classification we may envision.

It is Good News for me and for YOU.  Despite all the negativity, fear, violence and hate we see/hear/read…Good News overcomes bad news.  Light overcomes darkness. The Gospel overcomes.

Do not be afraid…or filled with despair…or hopeless…Good News of Great Joy is Here!

Christmas Blessings to you all!

Pastor Pat