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Dear Friends,

I am still aglow in joy following the glorious Easter weekend we experienced at PCW last month!  Like it says in Psalm 47 above, God is indeed awesome! Our God blessed us with incredible weather over Easter weekend.  We may have had cause to grumble about the long harsh winter.  But, we had even more cause to clap our hands and shout to God with songs of joy about that amazing sunshine on Easter weekend!

On Saturday, April 20, 148 children ran through our back yard and searched our patio area for over 1,000 eggs!  148 children is our new record for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Thank you Gretchen Farrell and all the other volunteers who organized, promoted, stuffed and/or hid eggs, provided snacks, took pictures, painted faces, registered families and ensured everyone had a wonderful experience!

For our 8:30am outdoor Easter service, we weren’t sure how many worshippers to expect.  With the help of great set up crew (thank you!), we set up for over 50 people.  In my head, I was planning on being satisfied with 45 worshippers, since we had not done a service like this in many, many years.  To my glorious joy, 82 people gathered on our beautiful back patio in the amazing sunshine to worship the resurrected Christ!  Thank you Emily Bounds and John Bugele for leading worship! 

We then gathered in the fellowship hall for a delicious and bountiful brunch.  Egg casseroles, biscuits and gravy, pastries and of course, copious amount of coffee were enjoyed by all!  Thank you to Judy Bierbaum and the rest of the Church Life Committee for working so hard in the kitchen. And thank you to everyone who donated food to ensure there was plenty for all!

We have hoped for quite some time that we could one day pull of a Choral Cantata at church.  However, that always seemed a distant dream.  Enter our new Director of Music Ministries, Aaron Bounds!  Suddenly our choir has swelled in size and in song!  The Cantata was a huge effort for the choir, Aaron and Emily.  However, it paid off in a big way! 132 people (including 25 choir members!) were treated to beautiful music that told the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross and empty tomb. Thank you, Aaron, Emily and the Choir!

Many of you participated in all three Easter morning activities!  And, for that, I am personally very grateful.  After adjusting for those of you who attended both service, our final count of total worshippers on Easter morning was 156 people!  That shatters our previous record for Sunday morning attendance in the past ten years.  And, for the month of April, we averaged 115 worshippers, which is also a ten year record!

Thank you to everyone who greeted, ushered, operated the sound, led the video presentation, set up the patio and/or sanctuary and everything else that goes into place to ensure satisfying and Godly worship services.  This was our first year since I have been your pastor that we have attempted two services on one morning, along with a community brunch.  And, I could not have dreamed of a better result!  The risen Christ was worshipped and in grand fashion!

Thank you to everyone who attended one or both services, invited friends and family, participated in the One Great Hour of Sharing, or prayed for the blessings of God upon these Easter activities!  We were immensely blessed and should be grateful above all else to our amazing God who gives us such great joy!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Pat